For more than ten years I have been working as a mixdown and production engineer for Calyx Mastering, Berlin. My studio setup is integrated into the workflow at Calyx and ensures a maxium auf sound quality throughout all stages of mixdown and mastering.

Clients I have worked for as a producer / engineer include:
Appliance (Mute Records), Feeling B (Band of Rammsteins' Flake Lorenz / Motor Music), Capricorns (Rise Above Records), Land Observations (Mute Records) Kevin Blechdom (Chicks on Speed Records), Joseph Arthur, Saint Etienne (Mantra Recordings), Forss (Sonar Kollektiv), Kazety (X-Productions), Carl Borg (Sonar Kollektiv), Chicks on Speed, DVA, Blake Worrell, Napszyklat and more.

With my own projects "Bridge and Tunnel" and "White Daughter" I have released four albums. Our music has been used for advertising (Vodafone) as well as for Soundtracks ("Knallhart" by director Detlef Buck).

I have recently teamed up with jazz producer Thomas Hausers company Dreamshelter Music. We operate two high end studios in the South of Germany, one for recording and my suite for mixdown. Recording equipment includes various Neumann and Brauner microphones, Preamps from Heritage Audio (Neve), API, Focusrite, Sytek, Telefunken and more. The recording studio has a great sounding live room with a spacious amp room in the basement.

A few press quotes:
"Best (largely) instrumental album of the year" - Times London on Bridge and Tunnels "Without Ghosts". "A thrilling listening experiance" 8 out of 10 - NME on Appliances "Are you earthed album". "Pensive and foreboding, Ruder Forms Survive benefits from a thick, bottom-heavy production that manages to preserve a dark atmosphere as well as a large dynamic range" - EQ Magazine on Capricorns second album. "The album is an instant classic in my book" - blogcritics.org on Roman Roads IV-XI by Land Observations.

Verstörend, düster, groovig, brutal, unbequem – Ruder Forms Survive!" 8/10 (metal.de). “White Daughter erschaffen [...] einen eigenen klanglichen Kosmos, fernab gängiger Klischees und Erwartungen. Ein Album [...] das auch nach vielfachem Durchhören immer Neues entdecken lässt.“ - Zillo on White Daughters Album "Stiff with the Invisible".